• LIRA : RICE:2400:
  • KAMPALA : RICE:2500:
  • TORORO : BEA(K123):1600:
  • GULU : BEA(K123):1800:
  • LIRA : BEA(K123):1800:
  • KAMPALA : BEA(K123):1600:
  • TORORO : MAIZE:500:
  • GULU : MAIZE:450:
  • SOROTI : MAIZE:430:
  • LIRA : MAIZE:500:
  • KAMPALA : MAIZE:460:


 Our mission is to increase the access of all market actors to domestic and export markets through making transparent links all along the marketing chains from small scale farmers to volume and quality buyers

About AgriNet

For the past 5 years, AgriNet has offered innovative market linkage solutions and services for agribusiness value chain actors including smallholder farmers, traders, and large-scale process and exporters. It is our ability to keep learning by doing and innovating that sets us apart. Our flagship products and service that include agricultural market intelligence; transaction security service, product marketing, agro-processing and value addition are a brainchild of the action learning and innovation. Thank you for helping us to develop and improve our products for you. 

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